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I’m no longer¬†updating this blog, but more examples of my work can generally be found here:¬†


Grassfires 5live

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Care homes ‘unacceptable’

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Social services workloads

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Wentwood felling

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The South Wales Wheelchair rugby team that inspires Paralympians

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David Anthony and Josie Pearson are some of Wales’ top Paralympians. I’ve been to the wheelchair rugby club in Llantrissant that inspired them to get involved with Paralympic sport.

How do you score in Wheelchair rugby?

Like this:


Radio package for Radio Wales News:

Sir Terry Matthews: infrastructure investment ‘not enough’ for economic recovery

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Wales’ richest man Sir Terry Matthews has told BBC Radio Wales that UK Government investment in infrastructure ‘is not enough’ and that university graduates need more help to become the business people of the future. Sir Terry was speaking at the official opening of the Alacrity Foundation in Newport, a project which aims to create the technology companies of the future from recently graduated students.

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The full interview with Sir Terry Matthews is available here:

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