The South Wales Wheelchair rugby team that inspires Paralympians

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David Anthony and Josie Pearson are some of Wales’ top Paralympians. I’ve been to the wheelchair rugby club in Llantrissant that inspired them to get involved with Paralympic sport.

How do you score in Wheelchair rugby?

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Radio package for Radio Wales News:


Sir Terry Matthews: infrastructure investment ‘not enough’ for economic recovery

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Wales’ richest man Sir Terry Matthews has told BBC Radio Wales that UK Government investment in infrastructure ‘is not enough’ and that university graduates need more help to become the business people of the future. Sir Terry was speaking at the official opening of the Alacrity Foundation in Newport, a project which aims to create the technology companies of the future from recently graduated students.

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The full interview with Sir Terry Matthews is available here:

Therapy waiting list concern as use of antidepressants increases

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Doctors in Wales are prescribing an increasing number of antidepressants as patients face waiting up to 10 months for some forms of therapy.

Over 3.8m antidepressant prescriptions were dispensed in Wales in 2011, the highest rate per head of any UK nation.

Mental health charities said more people should be offered counselling, but a doctor’s spokesman said lengthy waiting times gave them little choice.

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Live 2-way for Radio Wales News:


Up to £3,000 difference in Council spend on older people

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Council spending on social services for older people in Wales can vary by up to £3,000 per person, according to local authority figures.

The older people’s commissioner for Wales is calling for greater consistency in the way Wales’ 22 local authorities deliver their social care.

The results, based on figures from 14 councils, do not include health spending or deprivation statistics.

They compared how much each authority spent delivering older people’s social services and how many people they helped.

Full story and 2-way from BBC Radio Wales below.

The volunteers that got Newport County to Wembley

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Newport County are on their way to Wembley, but they might not have got there if it wasn’t for their army of volunteers. Paul Heaney went along to meet some of them.


Welsh students learn lessons from Auschwitz

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Sixth-formers from across Wales have paid a visit to Auschwitz as part of a project to educate people about the horrors of war.

More than a million people were killed by the Nazis at the concentration and labour camps in present day Poland.

Students visiting the site with the Holocaust Education Trust told BBC Wales what they thought.


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Originally broadcast on BBC Radio Wales on 25th February 2012.

15,000 Homeless claims in Wales – up 11%

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More than 15,000 people sought council help for being homeless in Wales during 2011, up 11% on the previous year, figures obtained by BBC Wales show.

A rise in people asking for assistance was reported by 18 of the 22 councils.

Swansea had the highest number of homeless as a percentage of its population, with Flintshire the lowest.

Full article here:

Full dataset from the FOIA requests can be found below.

Originally published on BBC Wales Online and Broadcast on BBC Radio Wales on 9th March 2012.

My illustrated 2-way explaining the story on Radio Wales via Skype is below.

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